Hi, my name is Shari and like the majority of our readers I don’t have a degree in science. What I do have is almost a decade of experience working closely with Genetic Counselors, and a passion for sharing genomic information in an approachable and easy to understand way. This passion was built early in my career, fueled by my quickly building frustration about the over-complicated resources I found during initial attempts at self-guided learning. Genomics 101 is a blog series by GenomicMD that aims to be a solution to that frustration for others. By breaking down the complex language surrounding genomics, we hope to empower people (like you!) to be more informed about how it can affect their healthcare journey.
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Genomics101: The History of Heredity

Why is Gregor Mendel called the “father of genetics,” and what do peas have to do with heredity? Read our blog to find out!