Behind the Science

Welcome to Behind the Science, a blog series dedicated to providing a peek behind the curtain of the cutting-edge work happening both here at GenomicMD and also in the greater field of polygenic research. This series will supply our readers with valuable insights via curated research articles and press releases, as well as interviews with key players at our laboratory and beyond. Each post will provide an in-depth look at the roles, aspirations, and contributions that collectively drive the success of GenomicMD and polygenics research as a whole. In this series you'll find:

  • Conversations with our experts: Interviews that give insights into the meticulous processes that underpin our genetic testing services.
  • Unique Medical Perspectives: Interviews with doctors who utilize polygenic screening to improve patient care via precision medicine.
  • Personal journeys: Firsthand stories from patients about how polygenic testing has influenced their health decisions, lifestyle choices, and overall well-being.
  • Curated Research Articles and Press Releases: Keep up to date with articles and other news that shed light on the latest advancements in polygenic research

Join us as we explore the world of genetic testing and the inspiring individuals who are shaping the future of healthcare, one discovery at a time. Welcome to GenomicMD’s "Behind the Science" – where understanding meets innovation.

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