Ask a GC

Let’s be real - as a clinician, you have a lot of information to keep up with. Whether in primary care or a specialty field, the basic knowledge maintenance, continuing education requirements, and overwhelming barrage of new or updated innovations, companies, tests, methodologies, guidelines, etc. that clinicians have to keep up with can leave many feeling like there is barely any time to actually take care of patients. 

This can be especially true in regards to the ever-evolving field of Genomics. When our team at GenomicMD needs guidance wading through the chaos, we lean on our expert Genetic Counselors (GCs)-professionals with Master's degrees in Human Genetics & Genetic Counseling, which make them uniquely qualified to serve as translators for the alphabet soup that is genetic testing. This knowledge and experience has been so invaluable to the GMD team that it felt wrong to keep it all to ourselves, so 'Ask a GC' was created to 'share the wealth' with the clinicians (and patients) we serve. The next time you need a general update when it comes to Genomics (and particularly polygenic testing) let our GC team help guide you through the chaos and get to the heart of what you need to know, so you can get back out there where you want to be-with your patients!

Please note: Though GenomicMD's Ask a GC series is written under the guidance of genetics professionals and may refer to recent medical recommendations, it is not intended to be used as personalized medical advice. Patients seeking medical evaluation and clinicians seeking assistance with the development of healthcare plans should seek referral to an appropriate specialty provider.